Unknown section of the mystery of the beautiful beauty of the village 'Unknown section of Malana'

Unknown Section Of The Mystery Of The Beautiful Beauty Of The Village 'unknown Section Of Malana'

Malana, the oldest democratic village in India, is located in the neighboring Kullu Valley in the northeastern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Many people called the village 'Malana Nala'. Historians refer to Malan as the oldest democratic village in the world. Even after the village is about ten thousand feet high above sea level, there is a direct connection to this village with different countries of the world. If you see this village from the distance between the three mountains of Kullu Valley, it may seem like a beautiful green village.

Even after being located in the middle of the three hills, the easiest way to enter this village is to taxi from a place called Jari. But you will not be able to enter this village. Before entering the issuance, the local army officer will have to go through the cause of your arrival and full details. If you are not satisfied with your arrival, you will not be allowed to go to the village. So before going to Malana, you must go to the right place.

Malana is caught in the village of the oldest democratic structure in the world. Of course, there are also reasons. The people of this village believe that they are mainly descendants of Greek hero Alexander the Great. As a result of their living from time to time, the overall structure was formed according to the Greek structure.

Apart from this, there is another identical identity to Malana. In the narcotics, the world champion is very famous. The earthquakes created from marijuana produced in this region of the Himalayas For this reason, a large number of people try to visit this village every year. This drug business is also the main economic source of villagers of Malana.

Malana is the world's oldest democratic village?

The discussion of democracy really comes from the ancient city of Greece. Democracy originated from the political system that existed in Athens and surrounding cities in the fifth century BC.

Naturally, when we call Malana village as the 'oldest democratic' village, it must have a close connection with ancient Greece; And that is, the inhabitants of this region think they are the descendants of Greek hero Alexander the Great.

Malana village's remote mountain entrance. Photo: Wikipedia

According to the historians, they have a conflicting opinion on behalf of their claim. According to the claims of the party, when Alexander the Great came to India in 326 BC, there were a large number of white soldiers with him. With them, he stayed for about 19 months in India. But when he left India, he did not feel the need to take with all the soldiers.

In such a part, he ordered to live in village Malana, surrounded by hills of Himachal. When those trained soldiers started living there, they formulated the rule of their native country of origin on the basis of Greece. That management is still there. Eminent researcher Mehek Chakrabarty gave a balanced description of Alexander the Great, or connection with the Greeks to the inhabitants of Malana.

He said it is said that a part of Alexander the Great's army took shelter in an isolated village in 326 BC. They were injured when they fought against Puri Raja in India's Punjab. Malana residents have similarities with the physical structure of those soldiers. Besides, some of the paintings of that time are still preserved.

For example, the sword with a painting is preserved in a temple there. However, this birth connection is not recognized by historians. Even I asked many residents of this area, they could not answer correctly; Many do not know how the origin of this passage is.

After all, due to this legislation, Malan's claim of Greek connection became the most powerful. If their claim is correct, Malanai is the oldest democratic village. However, the democracies that were in ancient Greece were 'city' or 'city-state' and Malana is 'village' or the oldest democratic village in the world. And that's why the people of Malana say that their village is 'Himalayan Athens'.


This village is still almost isolated place from the earth. There is no good road or way. There is to reach the mountainous paths of the hills, there is there. This mysterious village does not have any similarities with other Indian communities. Even the language used in their language is Kanasi and is not anywhere else in the world.

A local settlement on the top of the hill in Malana. Photo: Hello Travels

Kanasi language belongs to the Chinese-Tibetan language family, which is used in Malana village. Kanasi language is completely different from the Indo-Aryan language family. As a result, this language creates many important questions, which are related to the prehistoric era. It makes the question of language science even questioning him.

But this language is still mysterious to linguists. Director of Institute of Tribal Studies, Himachal University, VK Voed said,

Their language does not match any of the other regional languages in the world. There is no similarity with the language used in Kullu Raj Darbar. It can be a language created in the mix of languages. We are collecting 500-600 words that they use in their language and conduct research. Through this, I try to understand which word is taken from any language. If this is done successfully, it can be understood, what is the origin of their language?

You will not understand any of their interactions; Because they have their own language. It has been said earlier that the name of the language is Kanasi. There are two similarities with Kansai.

First of all, since there is a take like a drug


There are many stories about the faith of the people of Malanavas. They do not believe in any religious beliefs in the present. Their only god named 'Jamlu Rishi'. The name of this sage is found in Hindu Puranas. It is therefore thought that the Malanis are still believed in Aryan, the traditional religion of earlier times.

The path of the mountain is going on in Malana Metro Path. Photo: The Travel Gracie

A visit to the whole village cannot be found in any mansion or temple of Jamlu Rishi. But in almost everyone's house, there are no words or figures made by Jhamlu Rishi. However, Shiva has many influences in Malanabasis.

The mention of a god named 'Jalamu Rishi' is found in ancient Hindu myths. According to that source, many researchers believe that the people of Malana's are following the Aryans, the traditional religion. But no such religious practice can be found in the surrounding areas.

The effect of this Jalamu rishi on Malana village management is very much. One of the members gained the strength of his representation. He was called 'Guru'. Although all villages are run in a democratic system, the importance of its decision is above all.

Touch ban

If someone visits this village, then he should not touch anything in the village. Even the walls of the village should not touch. And if you touch something you forget, then you have to count the fine.

Even the people of this village have created a unique language to exchange ideas among themselves, which they called 'Kanasi'. These languages were created so that the peopleonf the outskirts could not understand their internal statements.

After entering, nothing can touch; That's the law. If you touch anything, it will be fine to count.

Smile drug

Hasses produced in this village are quite famous in the world of narcotic drugs, which are very effective as addiction. There are many legends about laughing. It is said that during the Crusades, a group of daredevil fighters were laughing so that they could kill opponents freely. As a result, the killer drug long ago And for this laugh, the crowd of thousands of drug addicts in Malana gathered around the world.

Along with drug emperors, many tourists visit Malana every year now. But tight management for everyone. A checkpost is the first to enter the village. Provide the right answer to what you want to enter in Malan, what's more, important than the main search for you there. If you can not answer them gently, you may have to come back empty handed.

A group of people crossed all the barriers and gathered the crowd in Malana. Those who gather in the crowd are the world's biggest drug emperor. Various drugs are made from improved quality marijuana cultivation and cannabis in Malana, which the drug emperors came to Malan to collect. Malana is said to produce some drugs from cannabis that can not be made anywhere in the world. The people of Malanaa kept these drug production methods confidential.

In the years 1994 and 1996, the Maranavidas captured the record of production of the world's best and cheaper laughs. The best species of the cannula is grown in this region and Malanabas processed this cannabis in their own way. It is also known that the drug smugglers of different countries have failed to know the special process of making smiles from Malana.

But in the nineteenth century Malana once found 12 bodies of tourists at one go; Then the stories with their bodies were circulated. One of them is that they wanted to know the traveler's formula secretly or forced by the people of Malana. In response, the Malana drug makers killed them and left them in the adjoining mountains.

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