September 23: In History, on Today's Day

September 23: In History, on Today's Day

Saudi Arabia was established on this day of 1932 and Abdul Aziz bin Saud became the king of the country.

According to the Gregorian calendar, 264th year (265th day in the last year) of the year. Take a look at the significant events that happened on this day in history, important issues including the birth and death of dignitaries.

1187 - Saladin begins the Jerusalem campaign.

1620 - Poland was defeated in a war near Turkey.

1833 - Daily Sun magazine published in New York.

1833 - Charles Darwin travels to Buenos Aires on horseback.

1839 - The railway is opened from Amsterdam to Harlem in the Netherlands.

1846 - Johann Gayle invented the Neptune Planet.

1870 - Italy's army occupies Rome from France.

1932 - Saudi Arabia was established and Abdul Aziz bin Saud became the king of the country.

1949 - First Soviet Union causes nuclear explosions.

1965 - War breaks between India and Pakistan.

1991 - Armenia has gained independence from the former Soviet Union.

1486 - Arthur, he was the son of Henry the seventh king of England.

1791 - Curl Theodore Courier, he was a German soldier, writer, and poet.

1819 - Fijayu, at Hippos, he was a French physicist and professor.

1847 - Anandamohan Bose, he was a Bengali politician and social worker.

1861 - Robert Bosch, he was a German engineer, businessman and Robert Bosch founded by GMBH.

1880 - John Boyd Ar, 1st Baron Boyd-Ar, was a Nobel laureate Scottish biologist, physician and teacher.

1901 - Jaroslav Seifert, was the Nobel laureate Czech poet and journalist.

1907 - Ajit Kumar Dutt, he was a Bengali literary and professor.

1915 - Clifford Glenwood Shawl, a Nobel Prize-winning American physicist.

1943 - Tanuja, she is an Indian film actress.

1956 - Paulo Raise, Italian footballer

1969 - Patrick Fiori, he is a French singer and songwriter.

1978 - Anthony Mackey, he is an American actor.

1996 - Lee Hi, he is a South Korean singer.

1241 - Snowy Sturluson, he was an Icelandic historian, poet, and politician.

1246 - Mikhail, he was the ruler of Kiev.

1830 - Elizabeth Courtright Monroe, she was the wife of the 5th President of the United States James Monroe and first dual Day First Lady.

1929 - Richard Adolf, Jessigondha, was the Nobel laureate Austrian German chemist.

1943 - Eleanor Glenn, he was an English writer, screenwriter and producer.

1970 - Baurville, he was the French actor and singer.

1973 - Pablo Neruda, the Nobel Prize winner Chilean poets and diplomats.

1882 - Friedrich Vollmer, he was a German chemist.

1910 - Pramathanath Mitra, he was a prominent freedom fighter and revolutionary.

1939 - Sigmund Freud, he was an internationally renowned Austrian psychologist.

1987 - Bob Fosse, he was an American actor, dancer, choreographer, and director.

1994 - Madeleine Renaud, she was a French actress.

1973 - Pablo Neruda, a Nobel laureate and poet and politician.

1989 - Abu Hena Mostafa Kamal, she was a veteran academician, poet, and writer of Bangladesh.

2003 - Zabayr al-Rimi, he was a terrorist in Saudi Arabia

2013 - Paul Kuhn, he was a German singer and pianist.

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