One time-infamous gangster is now a poor boyfriend

One Time-Infamous Gangster is Now a Poor Boyfriend

One time-infamous gangster is now a poor boyfriend

At one time he was a notorious gangster. And now spend the day distributing noodles for poor people.

Yen Wei-Shan, Taiwan's New Taipei City, is in contact with the crime world. When he was 15 years old, he got involved in a lot of noise with a team. The blah is also with them. And there is one death.

Yen has been jailed for unwanted murder at the age of 15. Four and a half years have to stay in prison. But after leaving the prison, the people of the crime world are always in the forest. Its army grew up.

This is how it was going on for a long time. Target became the police. Yen was arrested before the year. But this is the last chance from the court to forgive Yen.

After that, Yen would have been enjoying another freedom day by day. In his words, that opportunity was as if I had lost my sleep. Since then, I keep my family and my independence alive.-News Biswaj Bazar Online.

Yen's mother runs a noodles store in New Taipei town Apart from the noodles, stalks of pork, shrimp and cabbage match. And all these things match for the general customers at fair prices. But who can not afford?

Yen and her mother arranges for all these meals free of charge. Yen said, about 600 to 700 baul noodles fries were given to poor people in the month.

Four years ago, Yen handed this job to Mother. And to this day about 40,000 Baul noodles has distributed the free people, so one day gangster says.

According to Yen, the elderly people and the unemployed youth have applied for free meals.

But just do not spend the day in the noodles store Yen. Yen went to the jail to collect conversations with prisoners.

A 62-year-old and a former gangster-yen shopper's shopper The person who has cut off all communication with the family. Yen says, I've seen many gangsters, ending their life in such a way. Occasionally I am troubled by the fact that I have wasted the time of my life by doing all this.

While associating with the crime world, it seemed as though I was walking on a rope. Because at any moment an enemy waiting for me. And now I see people who are really happy to see me.

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