India-Afghanistan Match tie

India-Afghanistan Match tie

India-Afghanistan match tie
India has confirmed the final. Afghanistan has been knocked out of the tournament As a result, the match was just a matter of rules and norms. It was thought that the two groups would be struggling. But in reality, different images. The drama and excitement spread on the wardrobe wearing the match. The whole match became like Pendulum's Dulalo. Sometimes, sometimes on the other side. In the end, no party could smile. India-Afghanistan match tie.

The last over was needed only 7. 1 wicket in hand First off, there is no run, Ravichandran Jadeja came in the second place with 4 in the second. But he became the villain. Already two runs added to the scoreboard. Only one run required for the last two balls to win. He gave the catch to Najibullah Zadran by Rashid Khan in the fifth place. The two sides score level. 252 in reply to 252 Nobody wins, no one gets hurt.

Lokesh Rahul and Ambati Raidu started flying to bat with a target of 253 for Afghanistan. They started to stroke from the beginning. When the balls are bent, the two openers have crossed the boundary. Team India runs fast

However, suddenly, Harry Raidu lost his chance. Mohammad Nabi's ball was caught off the outside of the boundaries and he was caught by Najibullah Zadran. Right before returning, the right-handed batsman took the eighth wicket of the career. He scored 4 fours and 4 fours in 57 balls.

Leash could not last long enough to lose a partner. He also got the way to the dressing room. The deceased assassin Rashid Khan was brought back by LBW. Before returning, Rahul took up the second phase of the career. He returned from 60 balls with five fours and one six.

Raidu-Rahul returned with good luck. However, Mahendra Singh Dhoni could not raise his playing tunes in the batsmen. Not long after Javed Ahmadine returned to LBW. Captain Cool can only own 8 runs in his own private tutor Manish Pandey failed After some time Aftab Alam returned to the wicket after Mohammad Shahzad came to Taliban. Afghanistan returned to the game.

Dashingara topped the order, but Dareesh Karthik, In the face of disaster, Kedar Jadab is dragging the team. Batting all-rounder also supported him with a worthy co-defendants. But unfortunate Jadav (19) Mujib-ur Rahman was cut to the runway in the hands of him. Kartik could not survive long enough to lose the partner. He returned to LBW by the Prophet. Before returning, Kartik batted with 44 runs in 66 balls with 4 fours. Shortly after Aftab Alam returned to bowl, Deepak Chahar After that the match was like a pendulum.

Ravindra Jadeja resisted with the extreme calamity, Ravindra Jadeja created resistance against Jadeja As a result, India is in the match. But the sudden turnout turned out to be the cool deep. It tends to tie the match to the Afghans. If the Siddhartha Kaul runs out in a very nervous system, then it becomes a matter of time that the Asghar forces But in the second over of the last over, Jadeja scored the winning momentum after winning the second time in Dhoni's team. But in the end, it did not look like light. The last two balls require only 1 run. Jadeja experienced in the crease. Singles are Nilai. There was an impressive fifth-wicket stand of Rashid Khan who was caught in the middle of the boundary. Two teams leaving the field with the tie. Aftab Alam, Rashid Khan, and Mohammad Nabi each took two wickets each for Afghanistan.

Earlier, Afghanistan captain Asgar Afghans took batting before winning the toss at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium on Tuesday. His decision proved logical that explosive opener Mohammad Shahjad From the very beginning, he started attacking the Indian bowlers, and he plays with the help of the Indian bowlers. Javed Ahmadi has a great company with him. The batsman returned to 65 runs. Afghans broke the opening pair.

After that Afghanistan lost the way. The Middle East team was losing wickets at regular intervals. But on one side everyone was on the go, but on the other side, playing their own natural game Shahzad went on. He picked up the 37-ball half-century. The opener did not take time to lift the century. He also touched the magic figure of 88 in just 88 of his party's biggest catastrophe.

But the middle-order batsmen scored 23 runs in the all-around match. As a result, Shahjad has to score this century by passing a dangerous path. Finally, he was out for 124 runs. The wicketkeeper-batsman in Afghanistan scored 11 fours and 7 sixes in 116 balls. Afghanistan has not been able to overcome the dangers of so many innings in the innings.

Mohammad Nabi rescued the team after playing great innings. He played 64 fours in 56 balls and 3 fours and 4 sixes in a turning point. In this, the Asgard army received fighter capital. At the end, they scored 252 runs for 8 wickets. Ravindra Jadeja was one of the most successful of India. He took 3 wickets at 46 runs. Kuladip Yadav, who took two wickets,

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