Food to Raise Memory

Food to Raise Memory

Food to Raise Memory
As we grow older, we forget a lot. But when this forgotten happens to be serious and obstacles in normal life, then it is called dementia or memory. Due to various causes can lead to dementia. For example Alzheimer's disease, thyroid, and uncontrolled diabetes, deficiency of vitamins and minerals, blood circulation in the brain etc. Research says, our diet too is somewhat liable for it. Eating well is a great benefit to prevent dementia.

* Dark green leafy vegetables, such as pulp, are found in vegetables, vitamin B9, and luteons. This is helpful in preventing the decline of our cabbages. Apart from this, there are plenty of fossils and carotenoids in Brooklyn, Cauliflower, Gazeta, which make the brain functions.

* Omega 3 fats in sea fish oil, which is very beneficial for the brain.

* Various types of nuts such as walnuts, peanuts and almonds have mega 3, omega 6 fatty, vitamin B6 and vitamin E. It helps to retain memory.

* Blackwater and strawberries prevent dementia. It plays an important role in transmitting brain signals.

* Sunflower and pumpkin seeds contain plenty of colin, zinc, and vitamin E. Cooking of sunflower oil or olive oil is also beneficial.

* Yellow yellow part of the egg has water-soluble nutrient colin, which helps to retain memory. Apart from drinking green tea, decreasing the risk of dementia.

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