Artificial Intelligence will be Activated

Artificial Intelligence will be Activated

Artificial Intelligence will be Activated

Many people are afraid that artificial intelligence will be nightmares for people. The emergence of artificial intelligence is the most skeptical of workers working in different fields. They are afraid that computer programmable intelligent robots will occupy their jobs. But the experts are giving impetus. They say, there is no doubt about artificial intelligence or AI. Artificial intelligence can be a booster or a friend. The information came out in a report by the Economist.

Binod Kumar, a chief executive officer of the University of California, Berkeley researcher Ken Goldberg and Tata Communications of India, has made a research report on artificial intelligence. They say, there is no reason to be afraid of artificial intelligence coming up. They see it as a positive for ordinary workers. Their report said that in many cases work satisfaction will increase. Instead of monotonous activities, people will be motivated by more creative work.

Researchers conducted a survey of 120 senior executives for research on artificial intelligence. Give 77 percent of this, artificial intelligence will create a new role. 57 percent believe that the current position will be removed from the SI. Additional skills will be needed to adapt to new technology. More than half of the senior officials told their staff to take the training program.

Researchers said that in the past there was not much negative impact on the job of technology development. For example, barcode Scanner innovation has not been abolished. Even the work of paying money to workers in ATM machine has reduced. Instead, they are working to provide financial advice to the customers.

Some use of artificial intelligence can be easily done. One job is to run the lorry. Many fear that the truck driver will take the place of automated automation. It is difficult to rely on artificial intelligence on a busy street. So, on the way away from big cities, cars can be left in auto mode. This type of technology is sometimes used in aircraft. Artificial intelligence that can protect the tired drivers from accidents.

If office work is said to be done, then artificial intelligence can be trusted for the supply chain boredom. It can also be done to keep a record of meetings. It can save time and the worker can be used for other important purposes. Apart from this, artificial intelligence can help eliminate the differences in languages and make dialogue fruitful.

The logic of the research, artificial intelligence that can decide, is good. So AI's decision can be properly evaluated during group work. There is also a program that can act as an e-mail analysis and warn about false assumptions. The system may be deviated from the original goal but warns.

Helen Poetten, Gartner researcher at the market research institute, said that some organizations are using artificial intelligence software to get information about workers' training. Artificial intelligence is also used to collect employees' own feedback. In this, the organizers of the organization can find workers' outrageous places. If they can take the right steps, the staff life improves.

From these things, there are doubts about artificial intelligence as well as positive aspects. However, it should be remembered that the program will be as well as the data program will be given. If the information provided to the machine is stupid, it will be reflected in the program.

Poetvin said that artificial intelligence could bring diversity in the workplace. But it will ask for it. Artificial intelligence as a worker will have to be positive for the worker. Only the highest benefits can be found.

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