Zimbabwe's New President Emerson

Zimbabwe's New President Emerson

Zimbabwe's New President Emerson
Zimbabwe's New President Emerson

Emerson Nandagua won 50.8 percent of Zimbabwe's presidential election.

The results of the presidential election held on Monday were officially announced on Friday. Emerson's nearest rival Nelson Chamcha received 44 tenths of the vote in the elections.

Zimbabwe's election has seen serious violence. The allegations of vote robbery have been raised by the opposition party.

Emerson is known for his political diplomacy in the Zimbabwean 'Kumar'.

In November last year, the then vice-president Emerson came to power when Robert Mugabe left the president's office in a coup. Robert Mugabe was the President of Zimbabwe for 20 years continuously

After being elected, Emerson thanked the people of Zimbabwe for a Twitter message, although we may have been divided by-elections, we are together to fulfill the dream.

75-year-old Emerson promises to create foreign investment and job market.

Since independence in 1980, the Emerson party has been ruled by the Janpipf. In this election, they won a majority in 145 seats out of 210 seats. The opposition MCD won 63 seats. However, the opposition party termed these results as false. They complained that the government team has produced the results of their own.

However, the embarrassment of the allegation of allegations in the election has been denied by the party. They are ready to fight the legal battle in this regard.

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