The Rohingyas are roaming around Rakhine, the Rohingyas are roaming around

The Rohingyas are Roaming Around Rakhine, the Rohingyas are Roaming Around

The Rohingyas are roaming around Rakhine, the Rohingyas are roaming around

Rohingyas roamed in Myanmar for fear of being beaten by Buddhist extremists in Rakhine. It is absolutely forbidden to visit neighboring homes, go shopping, or play publicly.

Alongside, there is also the possibility of illegal detention. No education, medical and right to work. In the open jail, the prisoners like cage birds have to live in the Rohingya Muslims. On Sunday, the Guardian gave the information in a special report on the anniversary of the Rohingya persecution.
It is said in the report that Rohingyas are being victimized every day due to inequality. Their citizenship was denied. They do not even have the right to education, medical and work.

These tough rules are pushing the Rohingyas into the darkness of the vicious circle of youth. Passed 21-year-old co-line (pseudonym) and his non-college college. But the only chance at the University of Lewis was to study. Because he is a child of Rohingya and Mann group couple. He even got the citizen card.

A few days before the start of the study of Co-Louis law, there was an attack on Rakhine's security checkpoint in August last year. It killed 12 security personnel. Myanmar Buddhist-dominated army started the campaign against the Rohingyas after this incident.

About 7 lakh Rohingyas flee to neighboring Bangladesh fearing murder, rape, burning and burning. "I was feeling very helpless when I heard this news. I had no way of helping the Rohingya friends. "He plans to start voluntary teaching for Rohingya students.

One of the six million Rohingyas not being able to flee to Bangladesh, Louis The Rohingya student Lu Min (pseudonym) of Boothdinga said that many students have remained at home since the last year's attack. Sometimes they throw stones at them, sometimes they hit with a slingshot or thrown a bottle. Recently, UN Human Rights Coordinator, Noat Ostby, visited the Rakhine state in government management, "Many villages have been burned and many villages are completely empty."

Since last year, the Myanmar government has broken down many Rohingya villages with Bulldozer and details are not known about the new homes that were built there. Rohingya leader Aung Kiva Md worked in a non-government organization. He said the biggest problem is that Rohingyas cannot roam freely in Myanmar.
Neighbors are prohibited from going home, traveling to the market, playing in public place, Rohingyas. They also always threaten the atrocities and illegal arrest of local Buddhist people. Mou said, 'You have been kept in a cage that you can not even dream about.'

These restrictions and limitations were already on Rohingya. But for the last several years, especially in the last 12 months, they have been more difficult. Now Rohingyas cannot go to Rakhine state without permission.

Rohingya living in Yangon and other areas have lived a very relaxed life. There is a challenge for them to find work that is not to be recognized as discrimination.

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