The Red Rose Pyramid!

The Red Rose Pyramid!

People of Tabukundo have made pyramids with five hundred thousand red roses in Ecuador. Photo-collected

Residents of Tabukundo have created huge pyramids with more than five million red roses in Ecuador. This is the largest time frame ever created by the flower, which has already been replaced by Guinness World Records.

Mexico-based news agency El Universal says that the large pyramid made by flowers is made in the form of pyramids in the Kochsky archaeological area, built before the Inca civilization in the Pedro Monquiao province in the north of Ecuador.

The pyramid made of the main square of the city has almost all the flowers red rose. Only six percent of white, yellow and pinky-colored roses are used to separate the brightness and edges of the pyramid.

The total number of flowers was 5 lakh 46 thousand 364. It is known that about one thousand five hundred people built a pyramid of 1,110 square meters with an average of 16 hours of work per week.

One of the organizers, Rosa SeƱjaz said, "In fact, the city wants to show the world's most beautiful rose." Undoubtedly since then, this rose pyramid will be considered one of the best attractions for tourists visiting Ecuador.

The pyramid that took place in Guinness World Records is expected to become Ecuador's unique and important symbol.

After the Netherlands and Colombia, Ecuador is the world's third-largest flowering exporter. Using the natural resources of their own to bring attention to the export or tourism industry, the idea of making a red rose pyramid is an innovative idea.

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