The Canadian Ambassador Has Been Ordered To Leave The Saudi

The Canadian Ambassador Has Been Ordered To Leave The Saudi

The Canadian Ambassador Has Been Ordered To Leave The Saudi

Saudi Arabia expelled Canadian ambassador Riyadh has withdrawn his ambassador from Canada. As well as announcing the new trade and investment halt with Canada.

Saudi Arabia has decided to intervene in internal matters against the Canadian ambassador. In a statement released on Sunday, Saudi Arabia said in a statement.

The Foreign Ministry urged the country's government to release the arrested rights activists arrested in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government is angry at it. In the statement, the country's Foreign Ministry said, "Canadian ambassador Denis Iraq has been asked to leave the country within 24 hours and his ambassador to Canada has been withdrawn." The statement also said that Saudi Arabia has the right to take more steps in Canada's intervention.

Saudi Arabia has said that the Foreign Ministry of Canada and the Canadian Embassy inform the ministry of urging the authorities of Saudi Arabia to immediately release the rights activists. It is unconstitutional diplomatic.
Canada's Foreign Ministry officials did not get the immediate comment on this.

On Wednesday, New York-based human rights organization Human Rights Watch said that the two top women rights activists Samar Badiou and Nasima al-Sa'dah have been arrested in connection with the arrest of the government against the rights activists, religious leaders, and journalists. More than a dozen female rights activists were arrested including Mayawati from Badawi's sister, detained dissident blogger Rafi Badawi. In this arrest, the Foreign Ministry of Canada said on Friday that they are deeply concerned about the arrest of the rights activists and civil society workers. They want to release them immediately.

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