Take Care of Things Before Giving Blood

Take Care of Things Before Giving Blood

Blood donation is good for health. Many people want to donate blood if family members or friends need someone's blood. But remember, only donating blood will not work. Before and after the blood, the donor will have to be careful about several things.

Let us know that before and after giving blood, the things that will be noticed.

Before giving blood

Liquid food

Eat nutritious foods before giving blood, but do not eat oily things. Before donating blood, there will be plenty of fluids to eat.

To sleep

On the day that the person will give blood, he will sleep well overnight. Do not take any headache pain medicines within two days of giving the blood.

Listen to music

Listen to music, or talk to other donors around you. Read a shirt that can be mounted on the elbows. The best is to wear a T-shirt. No pressure can be felt while giving blood.

After giving blood

Alcohol national drinks

Do not carry heavy things on the day that you donate blood. Eat four glasses of water and you will not drink the next 24-hour alcoholic beverage.


Put the bandage in your hand at least a few hours. You can open the bandage and wash it with soap and water. Otherwise, it may cause itching.


After standing on the blood suddenly many people can rotate and may look weak. If that happens, lie down a bit. If you feel a little better then get up again.

Iron, folite

Eat more foods such as red meat, fish, eggs, raisins, bananas, etc. Iron, Folite, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6 rich foods. These foods help in the formation of your blood.

Physical labor

Eat plenty of water and water. Do not neglect this at all. Refrain from performing physical work for a few hours and take a little less effort than normal time.

Three months later

Three months after donating blood you will be able to donate blood. Never give blood again in any way.

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