After imposing unilateral US sanctions against Iran, the price of fuel oil reached near $ 90 per barrel. In this situation, oil importers from Iran are increasingly pressing America for alternative thinking. Trump administration has a lot of pressure on the quadruple pressure.

China, India, and Turkey have already announced that they will continue to buy oil from Iran. Japan also said that they consider the issue of continuing to import oil from Iran. Outside these countries, the European Union said that they will not enforce the US sanctions. Since November 4, there will be a new ban on Iranian oil sales. America says that no country in the world will be allowed to sell oil to Iran.

But oil market experts cautioned that if the ban on Iran and articulating oil exports of 2.4 million barrels per day, the barrel will exceed $ 90 per barrel.

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said, Experience shows that Iran and the country can not yield pressure by pressing for pressure. After the US administration imposed fresh sanctions against Iran, Lavrov said this.

In a statement, the Russian Foreign Minister said in a statement that the United States violated the proposal of United Nations 2231 by leaving a nuclear deal signed between Iran and six ethnic groups. He strongly condemned the one-sided sanctions against Iran. Alongside, he said that negotiations were being followed fully by the Iranian side. Such an important achievement should not be destroyed by the international community. Lavrov also said Moscow will make every effort to protect nuclear negotiations.

China and Russia refuse to comply with new US sanctions At the same time, the two countries have pledged to continue the trade relations with Tehran. The response came from China and Russia after US President Donald Trump warned that the consequences would be to trade with Iran.

In a reaction to the reinstatement of Tehran's sanctions on Tehran, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement Wednesday that China has always been against unilateral sanctions. Expressing strong assurances in Beijing that the coherent rights of Beijing will be protected, the Chinese side is open to trading cooperation with Iran, and this cooperation is being transparent, logical, legal and governed under the UN Security Council rules policy.

 Russia expresses its "deep disappointment" in implementing the United States government's unilateral sanctions against Iran, and Moscow has said that Moscow must understand the Iran nuclear deal. In a statement, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that by giving a one-sided ban on Tehran, America violated the United Nations 2231 proposal and their action is against the international law.

The European Union or the EU has threatened to ban the European companies if they refuse to trade with Iran after accepting US sanctions. European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogharini's adviser Nathalie Tousi told Britain's BBC Radio on Monday night that if a European company follows the US sanctions, it will also have a counter-blocking.

The US President Donald Trump administers unilateral sanctions on Iran on Monday to create the highest level of economic pressure on Tehran. In 2015, after the signing of Iran's nuclear deal with six ethnic groups, Trump reinstated the US sanctions lifted from Tehran. He imposed sanctions on Tehran on May 8 after three months of leaving the nuclear deal.

In his Twitter account on Tuesday, President Donald described America's sanctions on Tehran as the highest level and hard of all time. Alongside, he warned other countries of the world that those who do business with Iran will not be able to trade with America. I only call on world peace and nothing else. After this, the response from the European Union was expressed.

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