Ozil did not have any hands in Germany

Ozil did not have any hands in Germany

Russia World Cup is like a nightmare in Germany Former world champions have fired in the first round. None of the team could perform as well as eyeballs. But all the losses came in the neck of the Mesut Ozil neck Finally, he fired international football after allegations of racism and disrespect.

Since retirement, many people are next to Ozil. This time the new former team-mate Julian Brandt got support He was the youngest German player in the World Cup. He said, only Mesut is not responsible for our futurism in the world of football. We all did the bad performance, so lost. For this, no one can be made to stand alone.

The 22-year-old footballer said, "We all made a lot of mistakes in football's biggest great wisdom. I'm not out of it myself. If I was not mistaken, I could have scored two goals. Everyone has to take responsibility for the failure in Russia.

Before the World Cup, Ozil and Gundogan met Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in London. Later, Ozil shared a video clip on his Instagram. It is seen, he is offering an Arsenal jersey to Erdogan.

The Germans could not accept the issue naturally Due to right-wing politics, there is the question in the West about Erdogan's image. Photographing a person with such a complaint, Germans were accused of destroying the value of Ozil. Nevertheless, coach Joachim Low put him in the World Cup squad.

Former world champions took the first round from the first round. Arsenal midfielder's shoulders come in the face of failure. As a result, he started receiving hated messages from fanatic supporters and received death threats. Finally, the 29-year midfielder retired from the national team forcing him to comply.

Ozil gave a huge statement in the social media Instagram on Tuesday. He wrote: When I was victorious, I was German, and when I was defeated, immigrants, Muslims.

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