Myanmar soldiers lie on Rohingya issue False pictures of 'true truth' release

Myanmar soldiers lie on Rohingya issue
False pictures of 'true truth' release

In a new book published by the Myanmar army by the announcement of the 'real truth' of the Rohingya crisis, there has been a lot of lies about the issue. Many photos and information messages used in the book proved to be fake in Reuters search.

It has published an obscure picture of the old blacksmith, where it appears that one person is standing in front of two bodies in farming. The Caption says: 'Bangalis have killed the locals brutally'.

The picture was published in the book of the riots of Myanmar in the 1940s. Photo description of Burmese is a reference to the picture of Buddhist assassination in Rohingas. In the book, the Burmese army described the Muslim Rohingyas of Rakhine as 'Bengali illegal immigrants'.

But in the investigation, Reuters saw that the picture was actually taken in 1971, during the liberation war of Bangladesh, when the Pakistani army killed millions of people. After the massacre, there was a picture of the recovery of two Bangladeshis. Which took Anwar Hossain But in the book of the army of Myanmar, the picture of the Buddhists killed by Rakhine Rohingya.

In the book published from Myanmar's Department of Public Relations and Psychological Warfare in July, three such fake photographs have been found in the book, which has been claimed to be the archives of Rakhine region. But in Reuters investigation, two of these three pictures have been taken in Bangladesh and Tanzania. Another Rohingya photo caption that has left Myanmar has said that Rohingyas entering Burma from Bangladesh are Rohingya.

Myanmar government spokesman J Hathoui or army spokesman did not know about these pictures Reuters Standing secretary of Myanmar Information Ministry, Wu Mao Mint Mong refused to comment, saying that he did not read the book.

Another photo, which is on the Pulitzer Prize website. Following the violence in Rwanda in 1996, Pittsburgh's post-gazette photographer Martha Real has taken this picture of emigration from the Hutu refugees. The same picture has been printed in white-black and printed in Myanmar's military book, It has been said that the Bengalis are entering Myanmar during British rule.

The army's commentary on the military campaign launched after August of last year was published in the 117th page of 'Myanmar's Politics and Military: First Episode'. As UN agencies, more than 700,000 Rohingyas fled and fled to Bangladesh in the assassination of the army in wholesale killings, rape, and burning.

As part of most of the information published in the book, the army's 'True News' unit is mentioned. Since the beginning of the crisis last year, the unit has been carrying 'news' of the incident from the military perspective on Facebook, on Facebook. The book, published in the bookstore of Myanmar's commercial capital Yangon, is available in the book. One worker in the city's biggest bookshop told that they had ordered 50 copies, they were sold. They do not have any plans to bring the book back, because too many people did not show interest in that book.

Another picture of gay image Rohingyas, who were trying to migrate to Myanmar's navy, was arrested in Yangon in 2015. In contrast, the picture was changed to the Sadaqala and used in Myanmar's military book. It has been said that the pictures of the intrusion of the Bangalis in Myanmar by the sea are in the sea.

A report by the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on Monday said that the Burmese army has made arbitrary killings, rape cases, and the Rohingya Muslims in Rakhine's campaign from the 'genocidal motive'. In the report, the top military general, including Myanmar's army chief, has been asked to face trial for crimes against humanity.

On the same day, Facebook authorities said that they had closed 18 accounts and 52 pages of the top generals including Myanmar army chief on charges of spreading hatred.

In the book 'Myanmar's Politics and Military: First Episode', Rakhine's campaign denies accusations of human rights violations, because the present crisis has been created due to the 'Bengali Terrorists', their intention is to establish a Rohingya state called 'Arakistan'. On Aug 25 last year, the army started the brutal repression in response to dozens of security checkpoints in Myanmar's Rakhine state.

The United Nations says that more than 10,000 people have been killed in the operation. An attempt has been made to find the history of Rohingya in the book of Myanmar soldiers. Although the Rohingya claim that they are local residents of Rakhine, they have been shown in the book as infiltrators from Bangladesh.

In the book's mouth Lieutenant Colonel Chiao Chia and wrote, 'This edition was made with the' documentary pictures' of Rakhine 'to publish the history of Bengalis'. It has been found that whenever any political changes have taken place in Myanmar or there was any kind of ethnic violence, the Bengalis tried their best. Lieutenant Colonel Chiao Chiao O's statement did not know Reuters about the use of false images in that book.

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