China's military exercises to increase arms sales

China's military exercises to increase arms sales

The international military exercise is aimed at increasing the expansion of our expanding arms market for China. Photo: Collected

China has organized an international military exercise in the presence of several countries in the world. This exercise, which began in Karachi in Xinjiang province on Sunday, will continue till August 11. At the same time, the naval exercise in the coastal Fujian province is also underway. The purpose of this exercise is to increase the market of our rapidly expanding arms.

According to the CNN and Global Times, China, Belarus, Egypt, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe are participating in this exercise called International Army Games (IAG). Armenia and India sent the observer. Participation in the exercise is mainly Chinese and Russian weapons users Users have the opportunity to use different weapons in the exercise before buying countries.

Strong China wants to be one of the world's top arms exporters. Want to increase impact-prestige For this, the country is using a large international military competition to increase their weapons and military equipment sales. The country has chosen the way of military exercises to market weapons and advertising.

China's military equipment exhibition in most of the international military exercises started in the remote areas of the western province of Xinjiang. The purpose of a separate exercise in Fujian is to gather military forces around the world.

Nick Maro, the UK's Economist Intelligence Unit analyst, said that this exercise is a great opportunity for China. These exercises can help their army enter the world. They also get commercial benefits as they show their military capabilities to the world.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute of the Sweden-based military research institute, China is lagging behind the United States, Russia, France, and Germany, but one of the world's arms exporters. From 2008 to 2017, China has sold arms to foreign governments more than $ 14 billion. Countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and China's top military equipment are participating in this exercise. Iran and Myanmar are also on top of buying arms from China.
The international military exercise is aimed at increasing the expansion of our expanding arms market for China. Photo: Collected

In an article on the People's Liberation Army website, Chinese military expert San Jangping said these trials "show marketing and displaying of military products".

The People's Liberation Army spokesman, Colonel Liao Yanling, said 358 people from China are participating in this exercise.

Pakistan will take part in another more exercise in China. The country has increased buying arms from China. Pakistan's nuclear weapons and China's top arms buyer will take part in ground and air operations in Xinjiang. The country has bought missile, jet fighter aircraft.

Venezuela bought shipbreaking missiles in the previous year. Nicolas Maduro's country will also participate in the naval exercise in Fujian.

Russia and China's tanks are shown on the opening day of the exercise. Rocket launchers, helicopters are also displayed.

Main buyers
An article published on the website of the People's Liberation Army on the military's military campaign China's military expert San Jangping said that these exercises are for the commercialization of military industrial and to display advertisements.

According to a report by the China Power Project in the Center for Strategic and International Studies, based in the US-based think-tank organization, the presence of nuclear missiles in the military equipment sold by China and the JF-17 fighter planes jointly created.

In 2010, Venezuela bought several (not published) C-802 shipwrecks from China. The country will take part in the military naval exercise of Fujian.

Chief organizer of this kind of competition Russia But China's role as co-organizer is also a lot. Most of these exercises will be held in Russia and some in China and Kazakhstan. Later this exercise will be held once in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Iran, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Michael Raska, professor of military studies at the Rajaratnam School of International Studies in Singapore, said that China is using arms as its foreign policy weapon to create strategic dependency (to another country). For example, by selling arms and military equipment, China has increased their influence in countries like Myanmar and Bangladesh.

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