China Rejects US Request For Iran

China Rejects US Request For Iran

China rejects US request to stop the import of oil from Iran But the oil import will not be increased, the United States told the country, News News Week

The news media, according to international media Bloomberg, has said that the United States failed to convince China to stop the import of oil from Iran.

It is to be noted that the trump administration imposed sanctions on Iran after the withdrawal of the United States from a nuclear deal with Iran in May last year. Iran's oil wealth is under siege. US President Donald Trump has announced to drop Iran's oil exports to the quota.

Such a situation is very important for the United States to stop the import of China's oil from Iran. China takes 35 percent of the total exported oil Therefore, it is not possible to stop Iran's oil exports without convincing China.

After the sanctions against Iran, the United States has announced to take disciplinary action against those organizations who do not accept this order. As a result, many European and European companies will not be able to buy Iran's oil from November 4.

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