55 thousand Palestinians became 40 thousand!

55 thousand Palestinians became 40 thousand!

Palestinian movement scene

The United States offers some financial assistance to the oppressed Palestinian people of the Middle East every year through the United Nations. The US administration recently crashed with the help.

A proposal has been passed in the US Senate for this. Only 40 thousand Palestinians on the proposal have been asked to help refugees. News Iran's press IRRI

Secretary of the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization - PLO protested the resolution passed in the US Senate, Sayeb Eriket

According to the PLO, currently, 55 million Palestinian refugees live in different countries of the world. But the US Senate wants to recognize only 40,000 Palestinians to help.

According to the PLO, only 40,000 Palestinians have been recognized as part of this and the US administration is preparing to do so that 55 lakh Palestinians cannot return to the potential nation created for Palestine.

The US Senate has denied the existence of 54,55,000 Palestinians through the passage of the bill and the conspiracy to overthrow them in the future has been reported.

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