The shop owner was caught, the scene caught on CC TV

The shop owner was caught, the scene caught on CC TV

The owner is sitting in his shop's cash counter. A man quietly stood in front of him. Then the revolver pulled out of the pocket. In just a few seconds, fire three consecutive shots.

The incident happened in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. Although the owner of the shop survived. He is currently undergoing treatment at the hospital. The incident has been caught on CCTV cameras. The person who shot the police identified the person who shot him.

The injured person's name is Alok Arya. He owns a food shop in Sultanpur. Besides, there are also protesters demanding businessmen.

On Sunday, he was sitting in the shop for the other day. Meanwhile, a man wearing a white shirt and blue jeans stood in front of him. The towel was wrapped around his neck. Before someone could understand something, he started shooting the revolver and started firing.

After that, the person fled from there. Some of the people in the shop could not even try to stop him. In the meantime, the shop owner was admitted to the hospital for serious injuries.

Police say that the attacker is involved with the building business. Almost all of his family members of the education world Here is a police suspect that a family member will fire?

Police began to investigate that on Sunday, the person got bogged down on a subject of Alok. It is being investigated whether he has done so much or not. Besides, officials are also examining whether there is any other reason behind the shooting. Some have already been arrested in the incident.

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