The Causes Of Breast Cancer Risk

The Causes Of Breast Cancer Risk

The number of breast cancer patients is increasing day by day. To stay away from breast cancer, awareness is the key. But some of our daily activities can increase this risk further.
Let's not know that the habits that increase breast cancer risk

The right size bra
The size of the breast does not increase the risk of breast cancer due to the size of the correct size. Larger size than breast size cannot support nipple tissue properly, and nipple fluid vaccines can be damaged if excessive is small.

Always stay after the bra
Due to sweating, moisture accumulation due to the continuous bra, all breast milk risks increase greatly. Try not to use the bra during the stay at home.

Plastic box

It can take a direct role in keeping the food in a plastic box and especially raising the risk of breast cancer in the oven. Instead, use glassware. If you want to use plastic, make sure you have food grade.

Hair colorful
Breast cancer may also be due to the harmful chemicals used in hair color. So use a good brand of herbal hair color. And if you can use Mehdi, it is best.

Air Freshener
Plasticine chemicals called Air Freshener Phthalate which helps keep sunburn lasting, have a direct connection to breast cancer. Rather, put one piece of cinnamon in boiling water. The stench will be removed from the house.

Many people have left the naphthalin in a sink to save the clothes from the insects or to avoid bathroom stench. But it is made entirely of harmful chemicals, which not only keep insects away but also increases the risk of breast cancer. Dry the Minamata dry and keep it on paper. Get the same benefits.

Kitchen sink or cabinet
The chemical in the kitchen sink or cabinets that you clean with a clean liquid cleaner, the chemical in it can not only increase your breast cancer but also increase the incidence of a migraine and allergens. So you can clean with vinegar or baking soda without using this chemical cleaner.

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