'Rohingya and Muslims should be shot dead'

'Rohingya and Muslims should be shot dead'

Raja Singh of MLA of Telangana

Politics of the country has become hot with the list of citizens of Assam in India. At the same time, the Hindu-Muslim divide in the BJP-ruled country is moving towards a conflict.

Recently, 40 lakh people of Assam were excluded from the list of citizens (NRC). Most of them are Muslims.

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, however, stood on behalf of the deprived citizens of the matter.

But the BJP's overwhelming leaders are going to give an aggressive statement after one another.

Raja Singh, BJP MLA from BJP Telangana, said, "If Rohingya and illegal Bangladeshis do not leave India, they should be shot. On Twitter on Tuesday he commented on this.

Raja Singh said, "If these Rohingyas and illegal Bangladeshi immigrants do not leave India with respect then they should be shot down completely. Only then will our country be safe. "Source: Ananda Bazar and Outlook India

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