Putin gives more!

Putin gives more!

Putin gives more!

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia, after all, and 48 years later, had reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup. The success of these successes has become the head of the crooked skull and the staple mustache Stanislav Cherchshov. As the prize for the World Cup, the Russian Football Federation has extended the contract for two years with Cherchshov for two years. This award is also the second highest state honor for civilians in the Order of Nevsky. Akinfiyev-Ignacio, the other players on the team, received the honor.

In the World Cup as a host country, the Russians had to fight in the event without adequate competitive matches, Most Russians were not optimistic about the World Cup in their World Cup. But with the surprise of all, Russia goes on to the last round. The way the former world champions lost the team like Spain. The dream was lost to Croatia, but it was enough that the joy of Russians floated in Hilali.

To celebrate the success of the World Cup, Russian President Vladimir Putin invited the state-level Kremlin Football team to celebrate the success of the World Cup. The order of Nevsky was handed over to 54-year-old Cherchshov. "Order of Honor" has been given to captain Igor Akinfiev. The 38-year-old defender Sergei Ignacio received the same award. The rest of the team also did not return empty-handed. Everyone got the certificate of honor. Russia has announced the World Cup team as 'Master of Sport'.

Not everyone is receiving Russia's award for the quartet of the World Cup. As the former Russian volleyball player Yekaterina Gamova says, the football team is flocking to achieve more than a little bit. Two World World champions and two Russian team members in the Olympiad, Gamawa Parsu wrote in a post on her Instagram: "To win many (state) honors, the world champions or the Olympics will win the gold. But some people got honored in the quarter-finals. The prize (Master of Sport) seems to be ashamed to see the decrease in value. '

It's not a small achievement, even in the quarter-finals, with the standard of Russian football and culture. Opposing the question, Gamawar said, "Yes, the players have played very well. The whole country is happy, they support them. But they could not be trusted ... they would have been getting a good bonus. "

Cherchshov-Akinfayevadera has been thinking about the condemnation. After the success of the World Cup, the people and honor of the people of the seventh heaven!

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