North Korea makes missile again: US

A. Korea makes missile again: US

Satellite image of this factory in Sanamdang outside Pyongyang. Photo: Reuters

US intelligence agencies have said that North Korea is preparing a new missile. According to The Washington Post, Monday's news on Monday, the company has claimed that it is claiming on satellite images and new evidence.

Citing some officials of the US intelligence agency, the report said that Pyongyang has been working to develop intercontinental ballistic missiles driven by one or two liquid fuel.

The factory in Sanamdang outside Pyongyang. There is ongoing work to create North Korea's first intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting the United States there.

On June 12, the US president made a historic meeting with Kim in Singapore. The next day tweeted back to Washington, "There is no more nuclear threat than North Korea. Now everyone is sleeping in peace. "But Kim did not announce any announcement to stop creating nuclear and missile in his country. Trump has been criticized inside the country for not making any firm commitment to the nuclear and missile program from Kim.

According to the post, a US intelligence official told the Washington Post on the basis of a photo from the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, 'There are ongoing work as before, we have seen.'

An analysis published in North Korea's North Korean polling group of 38 North Pyongyang based in late June said that the country is continuing with its 'fast' work to improve the development of their nuclear research center. Building new infrastructure

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