Imran wins, Amir will go to Pakistan!

Imran wins, Amir will go to Pakistan!

Imran wins, Amir will go to Pakistan!

Imran Khan's party is going to form the government in the elections. Pakistan's next Prime Minister is going to be the chief of Pakistan's Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan. But after Imran's victory, Bollywood actor Perfectionist Amir Khan came to terms with his visit to Pakistan. Because, because of a promise six years ago, the word came out. Now, many social media wants to know, Amir Khan will go to Pakistan?

According to the Tribune and Geo News, the tone of the musician and model Ali Zafar came in the context of Aamir Khan's departure to Pakistan. Ali Zafar reminded PK star Amir Khan of his promise in his tweet. Pakistan and India's small and big screen star, musician and model Ali Zafar wrote in a tweet, "Aamir Khan, I think that time." Many commented on Ali Zafar's tweet and commented on it.

A friend of Ali Zafar writes with tweet reply, 'You have contacts with all the Bollywood actors (Zafar). Please tell Amir Khan that Imran Khan has won the election. Promise the promise now to invite Aamir Khan to join us in celebration. Pakistan is looking forward to welcoming him.

The reason why Aamir Khan was to go to Pakistan was that of the fact that in a ceremony six years ago, a function was said. In the presence of Imran Khan in the event in India in 2012, he was asked to visit Pakistan. Amir Khan said that he would go to Pakistan when Imran Khan came to power in the elections. The three Idiots star said, 'When you win the election, I will go to Pakistan to celebrate your victory. I will take along many Indians. '

The 'Dangal' star Amir praised Imran Khan's goal, 'I love your goal and dream. I hope to fulfill your dreams. Hopefully, Pakistan will get a government that will solve the problems of the country. That team will take Pakistan to the top of the development. It's not just for the Pakistanis but it is good for everyone. My mind says you can (Imran), because of your work. '

If the relationship between the two countries is now at that stage, then whether Amir Khan will go to Pakistan or not, what will be the reaction to it?

In the national election held on July 25, Imran's team secured 272 seats in mid-117. Imran will be formed to form the government with the magic figure for 137 seats, with the other political parties and members of the neutral parliament.

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