Grow the potatoes frozen hair!

Grow the potatoes frozen hair!

Scientists have discovered a strange way of hair-raising hair. But it may seem ridiculous to hear the matter. Aluvabhaja playing hairy hair grew hairy! Recently, researchers from Japan's Yokohama National University have come up with such information.

But this potato is not home but fried potatoes. According to media reports of 'Refinery 29', Japanese scientists have said that potato must be 'French fries' and its manufacturer must be McDonald's.

According to scientists, McDonald's French fries have a chemical that can deal with irritability. The name of the chemical made from silicon is called 'dimethyl polycyloxen'. This instrument removes the frying of French fries. It is used by mixing with oil.

The scientist at Yokohama University first examined this chemical on the rats, and when it came in hand, they said that it can be useful for hair growth. Their research was published in a journal called 'Biomaterials'.

In addition, scientists have said that only potato will not be playing. This chemical must be there. As soon as this news was published in the media, there was a huge noise on Twitter.

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