Give property, or throw it away; Mother to son

Give Property, or throw it away; Mother to son

18 years ago, the bank officials lost their husbands to the cult. After her husband's death, her job is to give her craft to the bank. But instead of doing his job, he gave the job to the eldest boy.

Torture comes down to the fate of Archana only after a few days. The eldest son does not want to pay the wages to the mother or family. So mother Kurna left home with a little boy. Currently she is 76 years old.

He left the house in Salka in Hawara and bought land in Sonarpur. The young boy took a job in a private company.

After finishing his house at Sonarpur, he gradually raised the house in his own savings. But he could not understand the big losers waiting in front of him.

Carna said, "Since 2015, a close relationship with a woman is created," said Prasenjit, a young boy. The woman married. Her 15-year-old daughter is also there. So I did not agree to my son's wife. But in 2016, the younger boy married the woman.

The old woman complained that problems started after marriage. The torture of son and daughter-in-law started. As a result, I went to the ashram.

The boy started pressuring him six months ago when he returned home from the monastery. The old woman said, the boy started pressuring me to write my house to the bridegroom Pampa. I did not specify it in some way, I explained it clearly.

Then the levels of oppression continued to grow. He said, one day a boy comes to beat with a stick. Even, the bathroom below starts to lock, so that I can not use it. I could not force myself to write property and threw them to the window and one day they would

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