Assam Bengalis afraid of losing the country Assam Bengalis

Assam Bengalis afraid of losing the country Assam Bengalis

The final draft of the National People's Registration (NRC) of Assam will be published today (Monday). The Bengalis are afraid of being dropped from the list.

Their impression of anxiety and anxiety in their eyes. About 70 percent of Bengali names were omitted in the first list. Therefore, the concern of Bengali citizens living in the state for a long time is the highest. There is a housewife, as well as the fear of losing the country has woke them.
According to NDTV, in Assam, unprecedented security has been created in front of the publication of the civil list. Along with the State Police, 120 companies (22,000) have been deployed.

On the issue of NRC final telecom release, not only Assam, Neighboring West Bengal, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh have imposed strict surveillance on their border.

The NRC sources said that it is known that every NRC service center has included names in the list. As well as online and mobile phones, you will be able to know via SMS.

Although the name does not have the name, the government can not take any action against anyone now. Assam's finance minister Himanta told bishops journalists, "There is nothing to worry about unnecessarily. The government will not take any action against anyone. "If there is no name on the list, then the application will be made by August 7.
To enroll in the NRC, 3 million 29 lakh people from Assam's 68 lakh 27 thousand families apply. On December 31, only 1 crore 90 lakh names were found in the first phase.

In the list, many names of many Bengali people living in Assam have been excluded from the ministers and the legislators from the beginning. In the Bengali-dominated areas, the rate of failure of citizenship is higher.

Among the Bengalis, there were fewer religious minorities in the NRC. So, the tension ends before the list is published. So much police settlement Tension tension.

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