Arsenal highest support, Ozil is captain

Arsenal highest support, Ozil is captain

Arsenal highest support, Ozyl is captain
Arsenal highest support, Ozil is captain

Must Ozil has stepped down from the German national team recently after allegations of racism and disrespect. Naturally depressed, he is naturally depressed. But Arsenal is giving him all kind of support to return to normalcy. It was heard that the managers are giving the team captain's armband in his hand.

Arsenal coach Unai Amery confessed in his own words that he is ready to give up captaincy in Ozil. That too again in Regular Basis That is, a coach in Spanish who wants to see Turkish-born German footballer under the leadership of the regular team.

He said we want to get the best of Ozil. Many have the responsibility of the team. But he is our first choice. I think he is capable of taking this responsibility. If we do not take it then we'll think about the alternative.

Ozil met Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in London in May before the World Cup. At that time, he presented Arsenal jersey to Erdogan. Iqa Gundogan, another Turkish origin veteran, was accompanied. The pictures of their meeting are viral right away. The Germans could not take the matter naturally

Ozil was suffering from Turkish and German diplomatic relations. The German media used to have mental torture on him. He urged him not to be included in the World Cup squad. Nevertheless, coach Joachim Low kept the 29-year midfielder in the squad for the team's interest.

Until then the situation was calm. In response to the haphazard at, Russia withdrew from the first round of the World Cup in Russia. Ozil recalls again Muhurhuhu was attacked by racist lanes. At one stage get death threats. Finally, he got off to Germany after allegations of racism and disrespect.

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